Fitness Classes for special needs adults.

Inspiring special needs group dance and get fit too!

An unexpected development from our fitness sessions at the Selby Centre is that we are working with  a ‘special needs’ group in Tottenham on Wednesdays for an hour in the morning.  The adults are not independent travellers and are accompanied by the group leader.

Participants for the fitness session with trainer Suzy!

An interesting and welcome dimension for us, but particularly for our experienced trainers, Fola and Suzy.  Both trainers have found working with the group equally fun and challenging, and this opportunity has enabled them to learn not only about themselves, but how different disabilities affect behaviour.

This group has been attending these sessions for about 3 months and fully enjoy the ability to dance, move and generally get a little fitter.    Much of the sessions are centred around unstructured dance with fitness movements, which is what the group demands from our trainers, and we are happy to oblige.  As a result of this, we are now targeting other special needs groups to join in the fun.

Suzy says “One thing for sure, the classes are never the same each week and highly unpredictable, but I thoroughly enjoy working with this group

Adura (left) one of our trainers pictured with Suzy.  Adura will also take the group for sessions from time to time too.  This programme forms part of the Sport for Social Change Network in North London.