Getting fit in open spaces!

Hockey Festival at Walthamstow Academy

England Hockey Team visit a London Academy April 2013 and we do the ‘Warm up’ fitness session!

Urban Balance Consultants was asked to provide a suitable trainer to do the ‘warm up session’  on the Hockey field with over 120 young people.  In particular, our experience was required because of our work with people with ‘special needs.’  who were also taking part in the Festival.

As you can imagine, working with such a large number of young people means you have to take control.  Suzy attended the event and said “It was a fun experience and to date is the largest group I have worked with!”

As part of the Hockey Festival at Walthamstow Academy, we ensure young people including those with special needs were ready to compete in their team and enjoy the Festival.

The England Hockey Team was also in attendance, which added a special buzz to the event and was brilliant for the young people to meet professional athletes.

England Hockey Player