Sport and social responsibility

Urban Balance Consultants have experience in developing social responsibility with a range of clients and and organisations.  We have worked to develop programmes with Schools and also the community with CSR as the motivation.

Having sound CSR values using sport is good way of operating a business that meets or exceeds legal, ethical and commercial and public expectations that society has of business.

How we can help you with your CSR

Urban Balance Consultants can provide you with individual, innovative and bespoke solutions to meet your needs and values to enable you to work within your community.

We understand how communities work, and how corporates are able to make a difference using CSR to continue to improve the quality of lives of the workforce and families, as well as the local community and society at large with continued commitment by business.

Urban Balance Consultants also understand that CSR can mean different things to different people, good CSR we believe respects cultural differences and finds the right business opportunity in building skills for employees and the community, and that through Sport CSR business is able to give back to society.

Urban Balance Consultants can:

  • Communicate with partners
  • build relationships
  • develop the right programme
  • raise your brand awareness
  • work to make programmes sustainable
  • provide an sight to communities and their needs

Good CSR if managed properly, should enhance the competitiveness of business and maximise the value of wealth creation and should become an integral part of your creation process.









Urban Balance Consultants do not believe that ‘one size fits all’ because we understand there will be different priorities and values that will shape how your business behaves.

We are here to make it easier to find the right programme for you, come and talk to us.